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No code integration, synchronization and migration of data from SugarCRM to SharePoint to increase productivity.

How companies can take full advantage of their SharePoint and SugarCRM investments by opening up the lines of communication and integration between the two platforms.

We will identify some common challenges organizations face when using both platforms in the course of business, and review available methods and tools to help overcome these challenges while utilizing the best of both technologies’ unique capabilities.

Integration of SugarCRM and SharePoint develops bridge of communication between the two platforms resulting in increased return from virtual investment.

Organizations using both Sugar CRM and SharePoint without integration faces challenges like duplicative processes, increased data storage, costly data recovery and inability to produce precise information for quick decision making, they try to do away with these challenges either by deploying a costly, high-maintenance, error-prone method without any increase in output or else go without getting the benefit of integrating it. In any business there is a need of breaking the confinement of information so that it can be used by knowledge workers across the enterprise. Generally these information stay confined to particular department only resulting in lack of coordination. In order to solve these problem we came up with a product that will open up the line of communication and will integrate the two platforms resulting in utilization of best of both the technology’s capability.

Two Tools, One Goal:

SharePoint and Salesforce CRM are two of the world’s most popular business productivity tools. If your organization is one of the thousands worldwide utilizing both platforms, there are powerful and creative ways you can integrate, exchange information, and leverage the power of each to drive new efficiencies.

SharePoint and SugarCRM are widely used efficiency tool, if you use SugarCRM and SharePoint like any other fortune companies, you should also know that you can integrate these two strong platform in very innovative ways to bring out the best from it.

Both SharePoint and SugarCRM are two extraordinary tools used to uplift the competency, productivity and collaboration of an enterprise. These tools are quite powerful in exchange of information and raising the total output of the organization, but to gain maximum from it there is a requirement of integrating them, as their end objectives are same.


SugarCRM is a Web based application that manages sales, marketing and customer support of an organization making the entire marketing function automated.


SharePoint, a web application platform, allows collaboration and content management. It makes sharing, storing and finding of information easy and simple also provides both intranet and extranet sites for organization.

An Excellent Bridge Between Two Extraordinary Applications.

SugarPoint is a connector between two extraordinary applications- “SharePoint and SugarCRM” enhancing their functionality. SugarPoint synchronizes data between these two applications without codes, so by integrating them save yourself from heavy lifting of manual import and export. Migrating into a new technology can be daunting but by using our connector you can easily migrate all your data from SugarCRM to SharePoint vice-versa within short period of time and with minimum effort. SugarPoint is a smart integration therefore automatically prevents duplicate being created when lists are synced. Don’t confine CRM within marketing department only, integrate it with SharePoint to increase its utility.

Our integration is not just about Sync/ Integrate not just for Sync/without code integrate, sync and migrate/ Integrate without codes/Integration for overall progress/ Don’t let your SugarCRM be a Data Island:

To enhance output these two tool in organization must act together, connect and exchange information. Integration of these tools are essential for the success of an organization. Don’t confine SugarCRM for marketing department only enhance its functionalities by integrating it with SharePoint.

  • Automate Your Import And Export:

    Eliminate the need of manual import/export, every time you make any update, the same will get reflected in the other platform thereby eliminating the need to juggle between work sheets and databases.

  • Not Just Customer Relationship Management Tool:

    Traditional Customer Relationship Management Application Has Changed And No Longer Meant For Customer Relationship Management Only But Also For Every Type Of Relationship Management Within The Organization. Now Lengthen The Functionalities Of Crm To Fulfill The Business Needs And Integrate It With All Other Departments Of An Organization.

  • Strengthens Team Collaboration:

    Sync All Your Information And Create a Strong Cross-Departmental Communication Network, By Doing This Integration You Will Improve Collaboration Among The Team Of a Business Establishment. Bring Out The Crm From The Traditional Silo Of Marketing And Integrate It With Other Departments Of The Organization Leading Towards Better Communication, Coordination And Improved Team Collaboration Within Organization.

  • Enhanced Document Management:

    Any Add, Delete Or Edit In One Platform Will Get Updated Automatically In Other. Crm Users Can Share Files, Check Version History, View Records And Change Document Properties From Crm Itself And Non-Crm User With Required Authorization Too Can View Documents Stored In Sharepoint Server Leading Towards Effective Document Management.

  • Support Your Marketing Efforts Using Business Intelligence Tools :

    Get a Quick Review About Your Total Leads, Opportunities And Contracts. Sugarpoint Is For Everyone In The Organization From Tele-Sales Operator To Ceo Of The Company As It Give Bird Eye View About The Entire Marketing Department Which Can Be Bifurcated As Per Need.

Some More Benefits Of Sugarpoint:
  • Better Customer Management
  • Better Content Management
  • Automates The Communication System With Reduced Personal Interaction.
  • All Information At One Place.
  • Increased Sales Productivity.
  • Compatibility: Sugarcrm Is Compatible With All The Sharepoint Versions – Sharepoint 2003 To 2013
  • High Performance And Speed: Integrate All The Information Within Short Period Of Time.
  • Secured Encryption For Data Sync: The Application Is Fully Protected Without Any Flaws In Data Security.
  • No Coding Or Additional Tool Required: To Install Sugarcrm No Codes Are Required Or Any Additional Tools. It Has Simple And Unchallenging Installation Process.
  • Supports All Data Source: Backs Data From All Sources Thereby Making The Work Of Integration Easy.
  • Reliable: The Link Between Sugarcrm And Sharepoint Is Fully Reliable.
  • Easy Configuration: Sugarpoint Is Easy To Configure Without Involving Any Hazardous Procedure For Installation

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